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New Ways to Protect Your Child From RSV
September 2023 | Issue 237
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Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most common reasons babies under a year old need to be hospitalized. But with RSV season getting underway, we have some good news. This year, there are two new ways you can protect your little one from getting seriously ill from this highly contagious virus. 

One new option is an RSV vaccine given during pregnancy. The other is an RSV immunization that provides antibodies to your baby after they're born. Learn more about the new options, and take this quick quiz to see how much you know about RSV. 

More good news: if your child is age 6 months or older, they can also get the updated flu and COVID vaccines for 2023-2024. Talk with your pediatrician about keeping your family healthy this fall and winter.

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Time management is one of many tools that can support kids' mental health and wellness. Especially if your teen is already coping with anxiety, depression, ADHD or another mental health condition, helping them learn to use time wisely can ensure they have plenty of room for relaxation and healthy habits. Developmental-behavioral pediatrician Rebecca Baum and pediatric psychologist Jeffrey Shahidullah offer tips. Go to article 

  Playful Relationships  

Secure, positive relationships with trusted adults are a source of resilience for children. Kids who are resilent don't get as upset from stressful changes or losses—or when they do, they can make more sense of them 

Try to practice daily relationship care. What are your favorite ways of playing and spending time with your kids? What activities make you feel connected, like you’ve "clicked" with them as your true selves?

Take some time to reflect on these daily opportunities for building the emotional strength of your family, and try to make them a habit. This could be reading books together, hand-clapping games or playing catch, for example.

Read more tips in this month's Power of Play article, 5 Ways Play Can Build Resilience & Coping Skills. Find free September printable play sheets here.
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